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White and Black Schnoodle Coat Color, Size, and Grooming

Schnoodle is bred from the purebred Schnauzer and the purebred Poodle. According to the American Kennel Club the US dog lovers like Schnoodles as much as they like Poodles. This breed's hair and size...

Chiweenie Long Hair 7 Tips for Grooming

Chiweenie is the mix of Chihuahua, Mexican hotdog, and Dachshund, German taco. Its parent breeds, as the mixed breed itself, can have many types of coats. It may have a short, medium, or long...

Chiweenie Mix. Jack Chi and Other Mixed Breeds

A Chiweenie mix is the cross of this dog with other large or small dogs. It is an apartment dog. Purebred Chihuahua and purebred Dachshund are Chiweenie's parents. Dachshund and Chihuahua are both designer...

Chiweenie Puppy Training & Grooming

Designer breeds nowadays are very popular as they are good family dogs. If you are thinking about one and you don't know anything about Chiweenie puppy you are in the right place! You should consider...

Full-Grown Chiweenie: Size, Health, and Living Needs

The Chiweenie breed is the right dog for you if you don't want either lap dogs or larger ones. They are good guard dogs and will make you feel will so much joy. Nevertheless, this...

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