White and Black Schnoodle Coat Color, Size, and Grooming


Schnoodle is bred from the purebred Schnauzer and the purebred Poodle. According to the American Kennel Club the US dog lovers like Schnoodles as much as they like Poodles. This breed’s hair and size vary, though the most popular ones are the Black Schnoodles.

Schnoodle Colors and Coat Type

A white & black Schnoodle puppy
A white & black Schnoodle puppy

This breed’s colors, as mentioned above, vary. There are black, tan, white, brown, silver, and a parti Schnoodle types.

When you take a Schnoodle puppy home, its coat color may change with the growth process. When taken from a breeder, your puppy may have a white coat. Then it will turn darker and darker till its full-grown age.

A first-generation Schnoodle puppy shouldn’t have a wiry coat as Schnauzer does, and it shouldn’t have tight curls inherited from another parent, Poodle. They have a soft coat, and it usually doesn’t change during their life. Schnoodle’s coat also depends on what generation of the Schnoodle that dog belongs to.

Puppy and Full Grown Black Schnoodle Size

A giant Schnoodle
A giant Schnoodle

Schnoodles may have different sizes. Its parents, the Schnauzer and the Poodle may differ in size as well. There are a miniature Poodle, standard Poodle, miniature Schnauzer, or giant Schnauzer. That is why your future mixed-breed pet may be a giant Schnoodle, standard Schnoodle, large Schnoodle, mini Schnoodle, miniature Schnoodle, or toy Schnoodle.

Schnoodle Temperament

Schnoodle are very high-energy dogs.
Schnoodle are very high-energy dogs.

Schnoodle is definitely not a couch potato dog. Both its parents, Schnauzer and Poodle, stand out as very intelligent and high-energy dogs. Schnoodles inherited the traits. Schnoodles also like to have fun and are very loyal.

Their intelligence and energy are the reasons why the breed is good at dog sports. You can try frisbee or rally. In addition, these intelligent dogs may also be used in rescue groups as they have a strong sense of smell.

They are also good family members. They would like to play with your children too. However, you should consider socializing and training your dog. All these pieces of training, along with obedience training, are better to start from the puppy age.

Schnoodle Puppies Grooming

A tan Schnoodle puppy
A tan Schnoodle puppy

You should pay special attention to the dog’s coat. To which extent you are going to take care of it depends on the fact which coat type your dog has. As mentioned above, it depends.

Schnoodle dog with soft coat needs to be brushed once or twice per week. The dog should also be regularly bathed. The dog’s hair also needs to be trimmed up once in 6-8 weeks.

The ears of your pet should also be cleaned regularly – once a week is good. It doesn’t matter which kind of coat your Schnoodle has. Dirt may remain in there, which may cause infections.

You also need also trim your dog’s nails so that you don’t hear any scratching noise when your dog walks or runs at home.

Health Problems

Black & White Schnoodle
Black & White Schnoodle

Some dog owners are afraid that if the designer breed parents have some diseases that automatically are transferred to their litter. That doesn’t work that way.

However, there are some health issues that may arise because of some health conditions or because your breed is predisposed to certain diseases.

You need to check health clearances. A responsible breeder will provide you with that. So, you can check whether your dog’s parents had some diseases like hip dysplasia, eye diseases, hypothyroidism, etc.

In general, Schnoodles are hypoallergenic breeds. However, there are some conditions that most Schnoodles are inclined to. Let’s figure out some of them.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This is an eye disease. In the early stage, your dog loses sight at night. When the disease progresses, it gradually loses its vision at old age. Your pet may walk at home with limited or even lost eyesight if you don’t change thе way your furniture is placed.

Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease

The disease touches hip joints. Due to this condition, the blood circulation level in the leg decreases. Usually, this occurs to puppies of a 4-6 month age. It can be healed through surgery.

Patellar Luxation

The disease is common for all small dogs. The condition shows up when the knee joint of a hind leg is dislocated. This causes crippling. However, some dogs keep on living in spite of this disease.

In case your dog has signs of these diseases, you should go to a veterinarian.

How Much is a Black Schnoodle Puppy?

Black Schnoodle puppies for sale
Black Schnoodle puppies for sale

A Schnoodle puppy is very cute and is a great addition to your family. If you want one, you should consider not only the price of purchasing it but also how much it will cost for you to maintain the dog during its life. Schnoodle puppies have become extremely popular in the US. You may consider buying one for $1050$1500 from breeders. You should take into consideration that you will also spend more than $15000 on regular vet checks, toys, items, and other stuff connected to the proper care of your future dog.


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