Chiweenie Long Hair 7 Tips for Grooming


Chiweenie is the mix of Chihuahua, Mexican hotdog, and Dachshund, German taco. Its parent breeds, as the mixed breed itself, can have many types of coats. It may have a short, medium, or long coat. A long-haired Chiweenie is the most popular among them. In case you have one such cute lap dog, then let’s now figure out how to groom a long hair Chiweenie.

Mixed Breed Dog Personality

Chiweenie dog sitting on the grass.
Chiweenie dog sitting on the grass.

Chiweenies, like their parents, Chihuahuas, have a strong temperament. From the other parent, Dachshund, Chiweenie took its high energetic treat. Dachshunds were originally bred for hunting. Sometimes, they are stubborn to be trained. Their high energy may cause some problems for you in the house. That is why it is highly recommended to train them well since it is still a puppy. If you do this, you will have a tremendous loyal dog.

7 Tips for Chihuahua Dachshund Mix Grooming

Long-haired Chiweenie
Long-haired Chiweenie

Brush the hair

The long-haired Chiweenie usually doesn’t shed very often. However, sometimes your dog may shed due to the season. If this shedding happens, you can overcome it by regularly brushing the coat. It is not necessary to have many brushes for doing that. Most Chiweenies don’t have long hair. However, you can brush the hair around the face with metal combs and pin brushes for the rest of the body.

Bath your long-haired Chiweenie from the top-down their back

You should let the water go over the dog’s head down to its back. Just shampoo in the same way. Your long-haired Chiweenie coat will not get tangled this way.

You should also make sure that you choose the right type of shampoo for your long-haired breed dog.

Dry your dog without haste

No rush! Just do it carefully by wrapping your pet in a towel. You can also avail yourself of a micro-fiber that will prevent from having moisture in the hair. Fortunately, Chiweenie is a small dog breed, and there is no need for long drying.

Do not cut the long-haired Chiweenie coat without the need

If you are thinking of cutting the hair of your pooch, then don’t do this. These dog breeds don’t need a haircut. It is actually bad for its health.

However, in some cases, if a veterinarian advises you to do so, you can cut the hair of your dog. A vet may advise doing that with health concerns in mind.

Brush your Chiweenie’s teeth

The dental issue is a great problem for these small breed dogs. Actually, both Dachshunds and Chihuahuas have such health issues. That is why it is necessary to brush the teeth of your pet often. If you did this with your pup when you took it will be much better. This way, your pet will be got used to the procedure in the adult age.

Trim the dog’s nails

The nails of your dog should be frequently trimmed up. You can check whether it is time for that or not by hearing the clicking on the floor while your dog walks. If you do hear that, then it is the right time for cutting the nails.

Clean the ears

Your Chiweenie’s ears also should be cleaned. They may get a pests disease or infection through there. The procedure should be repeated once a week.

 Chiweenie Health

Full-grown Chiweenie
Full-grown Chiweenie

All these tips are not only for keeping your house clean but also for having a fit dog. Most of these recommendations are actually essential for a Chiweenie with a short coat.

In addition, you should be well aware of the puppies’ two-parent breed inherent diseases. If Chihuahua or Dachshund have ones, you should know about them in advance.

Feeding Chiweenie

Full-grown Chiweenie at the house.
Full-grown Chiweenie at the house.

The feeding of these breeds should be balanced. The food should be placed in a place not accessible for the dog. Both Chihuahua and Dachshund have small stomachs. These small pets are prone to obesity. That is why you should feed them twice or even once a day.

Chiweenie Training

A happy long-haired Chiweenie
A happy long-haired Chiweenie

These dogs are strong personalities. That is why any kind of training that you consider conducting you should do when your dogs are at a young age. Potty training and training of obedience can be included in this list.

However, early socialization is one of the most important parts of Chiweeenies’ training. When taken to the home, the puppy should be socialized as much as possible. Chiweenie puppies are small as they are very active and energetic; you may hurt them unintentionally. That is why if you have small children or other animals at home, you should be very cautious with these pets.

Long haired Chiweenie Long Hair puppies for sale

Long-haired Chiweenie puppy
Long-haired Chiweenie puppy

The price of Chiweenie pups may actually vary a lot.

That mostly depends on the breeders themselves. The Chiweenie puppies may cost from $100 up to $850 or maybe even more.

Why is there such a big range of prices? Firstly, It is because of the litter size. So, if some Chiweenies have a small-sized litter, that may cost less.

Secondly, the reason do it may be because of the money that the breeder paid for the health tests of its parents. It is worth buying healthy puppies from such a breeder.

However, sometimes it may happen that the breeder invests a lot of money in order to have, e.g., a Chiweenie with brown or tan color and doesn’t pay attention to the health tests, then it is not recommended to buy the Chiweenie.

Adult Chiweenie’s lifespan may be about 12-16 years or maybe even more in some cases.

To sum up

Long-haired Chiweenie is a great breed dog for you and your family. It has an intelligent apartment dog that can be a guard and friend to your young kids.

There are some health issues that may be inherited from their parents. However, if you take care of it by regular bathing, brushing and trimming, and checkups, you will have a healthy member of your family!


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