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Designer breeds nowadays are very popular as they are good family dogs. If you are thinking about one and you don’t know anything about Chiweenie puppy you are in the right place!

You should consider whether the designer breed is suitable for you. Chiweenie was originally bred from purebred Chihuahua, Mexican hotdog, and Dachshund, German taco. The dog breed combines the best from both parent breeds. The Chiweenie dog likes to be held and likes to walk as well. The cross of Chihuahuas and Dachshund can be a good guard dog too.

Additionally, like all small dogs, they are very convenient to keep at home. If it is not the right dog for you you should consider taking larger dogs.

Generally, breeders sell puppies at the age of 8-10 weeks. At this age Chiweenie puppies are like small children — they need a lot of care and attention.

Recommendations for Grooming

Long-haired Chiweenie
Long-haired Chiweenie

We have prepared some recommendations for you on how to take care of these designer dogs.

Stick to a Regular Feeding Schedule

Generally, the Chihuahua Dachshund mix cannot be allowed to eat much. Small dog breeds have small stomachs, so you don’t need to feed your dog much. As for Chiweeenie puppies, you had better feed once a day. You should give it dry high-quality dog food. Otherwise, the designer breed may become fat.

Be Very Careful not to Hurt It

The Chihuahua Dachshund mix has short legs and long bodies. These designer dogs tend to be easily injured especially when they are a puppy yet. So you should remove all potential dangers at your home and be careful.

Brush Your Dog’s Coat

There are 2 different coat types of the dog breed: short and long. Most Chiweenies have short coasts. If your dog has a short one you have nothing to worry about. Though if your dog is long haired you should brush its coat 2 or 3 times per week.

Keep Your Dog’s Mental Health

This dog breed is quite smart. These dogs like to play with intelligent toys or puzzles. Especially when you are busy or don’t have time to play with it it is a good method of making your dog occupied. Your dog will not get bored or depressed and will not have health problems connected with it.

Brush the Teeth

Small dogs like Chiweenies may have dental issues. Your Chiweenie’s teeth need care. You need to wash them not to cause dental diseases.

Go to a Vet for Vaccination

It is vital to take your puppy to be vaccinated. There are many diseases that may even be lethal for your pet, though most can be healed. However, you should talk with your veterinarian about what vaccinations your dog needs to take, as some of them may not be needed.

Early Training Sessions

Chiweenie wants to play
Chiweenie wants to play

Chiweenie puppies need training especially considering the fact that they are very stubborn dogs. It may be a bit challenging. The key secret is the short training sessions. Reward your puppy if it did well as it always works. You should remember not to treat this breed harshly as it doesn’t respond well to that.

Early Socialization

Your puppy needs to be socialized early. Especially intelligent dogs like this one are very curious. They are enthusiastic to learn about something or somebody new.

Regular Walks

Many dog owners are afraid to go out with their puppy when they are at 8-12 weeks of age. There is nothing to worry about. You just need to consider where to go out for regular walks. Just avoid places with other unknown dogs.

It is also important to remember that your puppy doesn’t have to do things that other pets do. It is enough for the dog to see how other dogs and other people.

Ride in a Crate

In addition, if you live far away from places where you can go out with your puppy you can acquire a crate and ride there with your pet in it. It will get used to a crate as well, that may be needed in case you want to move somewhere.

Potty Training

This is one of the most important training steps for your dog and your home.

Actually, there are a few things to consider for potty training.


Confine your pet in a crate. The reason why this helps your dog with potty training is that dogs are clean creatures, and they don’t want to mess in their living space. Though you should be attentive when your pet has an urge and go for a walk.

Going for a Walk Regularly

You should have a schedule of going out with your dog so that its organism gets used to it and does the job outside.


As mentioned above, Chiweenies due to their small stomachs shouldn’t be overfed. And, of course, you should feed your dog with high-quality food.

Praising Your Dog

The old habit of rubbing the dog’s nose in its soil will not work especially with Chiweenies, as they shouldn’t be treated in a rude way. Simply praise your dog when it does right. Cheer or give some cookies as a reward.

Leash Walking

You can start to get your dog accustomed to leashes. Hold the leash and treat softly to keep the dog stay close. After just a few short leash walking sessions it will get used to the leash.

Avoiding Bad Habits

There is a widespread bad habit that puppies might have. Some dogs chew chair legs. This happens as you don’t play with them quite often. Especially Chiweenie dog is a dog with high energy. It needs to be played with or needs some toys. Additionally, this may happen, as your dog is teething.

In order to prevent your dog from the bad habit, you need to treat your furniture with something bitter like lemon and provide your pet with a toy. This way you switch its attention to the toy from chair legs.

Train to Live With Other Pets

Chiweenies are extremely jealous. They want your attention and do not like it if you switch your attention to other dogs. That is why you need to train the dog when it is still a puppy. It is very difficult to do that in senior years.


Black Chiwenie in winter
Black Chiwenie in winter

Breeders sell a Chihuahua Daschund cross puppy for $800- $1900. It is important to ask the breeder about the genetics of the dog in order to have a clear history of its parents’ health.

You can also register your designer breed on International Designer Canine Registry in order to document the ownership. You will benefit from the same advantages that purebred dog owners have.


Thus, it is essential to take care of your puppy properly. You should train and teach it from the time the youngest age.

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