Full-Grown Chiweenie: Size, Health, and Living Needs


The Chiweenie breed is the right dog for you if you don’t want either lap dogs or larger ones. They are good guard dogs and will make you feel will so much joy. Nevertheless, this breed needs much care, especially at a full-grown age.

So if have a Chiweenie but don’t know whether it has grown up to its full age or not? If yes, let’s figure out together how to find out whether you have a full-grown Chiweenie already or not.

When does a Chiweenie Dog Become Full-Grown?

Full-grown brown Chiweenie
Full-grown brown Chiweenie

Full-grown Chiweenie age

Chiweenie is a mixed breed of purebred Chihuahua known as Mexican hotdog and Dashchund known as German taco.

Generally, the Chihuahua Dachshund mix is full-grown at the age of 8-10 months. However, that depends on the coat. If the coat is short then your Chiweenie will reach its full age at the age of even 4-6 months. If the coat is long then it will become full-grown at the age of 6-10 months.

There is also a difference between female and male Chiweenie growth time. If you have a female Chiweenie and you don’t want to spay it early then it will stop growing earlier. If not, then it will keep on growing taller.

Size, Weight & Coat of the Full-Grown Chiweenie

Whether your mixed breed is fully grown or not depends on the size & weight of its parent breeds.  Chihuahua’s and Dachshund’s height is the same about 6-9 inches tall. However, if your Chiweenie came up as a result of the crossing between Chihuahua and Mini Dachshund then you will have a 5-6 inches small dog.

As for weight, the full-grown Chihuahuas weigh 3-7 pounds and Daschunds weigh 16-32 pounds. Thus, your Chiweenie will probably weigh about 5-12 pounds at a full-grown age. However, the dog breed weight also depends on the way you care for it. You should overfeed them, as it is crucial for their health. We will go deep into that below.

Pets will also grow in width after it reaches their full-grown age of about 8-10. It will continue to gain muscle mass and grow in the chest. However, that will not affect the weight a lot.

The Chihuahua Dachshund mix usually has short coats. However, your dog may have a long coat too. Coat colors can be brown, black, white, and fawn. Two or three colored coats happen rarely.

Factors Influencing the Growth


Full-Grown Chiweenie
Full-Grown Chiweenie

Apart from Chiweenies’ genetics, there are also other factors influencing its growth. They are the time of neuter surgery, food, and parasites.

Neuter Surgery

If you decided to get your pet into surgery and you decided to do it at a young age, then the Chihuahua Dachshund mix will grow in size and weight more than if you do it late. The reason for that is the fact that the hormones hinder the further growth of the dog.


It is essential for a Chiweenie dog to have the right nutrition. It is not only equally dangerous to overfeed and to feed less. That is why pets should have balanced regular food. You shouldn’t place its food in an accessible place as well.

Additionally, it is important to feed the Chiweenie dog with high-quality dog food. Do not even try to feed it with food cooked by you at home.


Parasites, such as Giardia may affect the growth of your Chiweenie too. Giardia is an intestinal parasite that may cause malnutrition. That is why if you have any doubts about that you should go to the vet to check that and cure that if that is the case.

Health Concerns of the Full-Grown Chiweenie


Chiweenie with obesity
Chiweenie with obesity

We have collected here the most common diseases of the dog breed that may happen at the full-grown age. Some of them are inherited from their parent breeds, some are common for small dog breeds.


The disease is inherited from Chihuahua. Both dog breeds have small stomachs. Hypoglycemia means the low percentage of sugar in the blood. The common signs include muscle spasms, disorientation, and trembling.


It happens usually after hypoglycemia. The common signs include a decrease in appetite, increased thirst, urination, and loss of weight. Chiweenies with this disease should be treated for a long time.

Degenerative Disc Disease

This disease is common with Dachshund, its parent breed. It happens at a full-grown age. Unless it is not treated carefully it may cause injuries and even paralysis. So if your pet has such an issue you should prevent it from jumping as landing in awkward positions may cause the disease progression.

Knee and Joint Issues

The full-grown Chihuahua Dachshund mix may have also knee and joint problems. It happens due to age.

Dental Issues

These kinds of diseases are common for all breeds of small dogs. Tartar is accumulated on teeth. That can be prevented by regular tooth washing and keeping a special diet for a small breed.


It is a thyroid malfunctioning disease. The common symptoms are shedding and dull coat, dry scaly skin, and reduced resistance against cold and warm weather. It may cause some skin diseases later too. These health concerns should be healed carefully by the veterinary and checked regularly.


Some seasonal allergies may also happen to your dog. If you find out that your dog sneezes, chews or it is hard to breathe for it then you should talk to the vet to find out whether that is the case or not. There may be some skin allergies as well.

Tips for the Full-Grown Chiweenie Living Needs

Chiweenie on its hind legs
Chiweenie on its hind legs

Go for a Walk

The full-grown dog breed tends to gain extra weight. That is why you should go for a walk with your pet for half an hour at least. You need to mix active games and short walking within the training sessions. That will help your pet to have a healthy weight.

Brush Teeth 

It is quite important to brush your Chiweenie’s teeth regularly as their oral hygiene is necessary for small breeds. It will prevent your dog from having dental issues as Chiweenie dogs tend to have such problems.

Trim Your Dog’s Nails

You should do it regularly. Twice monthly is ok. It is essential that your dog’s nails do not click against the floor. You may go to a groomer for that.

Go for a Veterinary Advice

Coming from the above-mentioned paragraphs it is necessary for you to go for regular vet checks to keep your dog healthy.

Chiweenies’ ears should be checked every day. They may have pests and debris there.

Check with a vet about the food. You should know for sure what regular feeding schedule is right for the breed and which is the most appropriate food for the mixed breed.

Full-Grown Chiweenie Lifetime 

Black Chiweenie
Black Chiweenie

The Chihuahua Dachshund mix lives from 13 up to 16 years. However, some pets live up to the age of 20 or even 22. You should follow the living need of the breed. Regular checkups with a vet will help you to find out the best ways of taking care of pets and prolonging their life.

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